Benefits of Conducting Automated Mobile Site Tests

Recent times has seen a general increase in the uptake of mobile applications. More and more individuals have access to smartphones in so doing, have access to the millions and millions of applications that keep on being developed.

Mobile Browser Testing

In recent years, mobile has gained prominence over desktop. It is believed that by 2017, there will be about 4.77 billion mobile users in the world.

How To Test Mobile Applications

In an ideal world, mobile app developers would get everything right on the very first try. In reality, however, new applications are often fraught with bugs and other issues. Learning how to test mobile applications is therefore a key aspect of the design process and essential for ensuring that your product is right and ready to roll out. At its most basic, this is simple the process of ensuring that the application functions as it should, but the actual process of testing can be exceeding complex, costly and time-consuming. Beyond testing for mere errors, you want this process to determine the overall quality of you app and to identify areas in which it can be improved. Overcoming The Biggest Challenge Of Mobile App Design, Development And Testing The foremost challenge in mobile app desi...

What Is Automation Testing? Why It’s Preferred Over Manual Testing.

What is automation testing?  Automation testing refers to the process of using a software that executes a test case suite. This software or automation tool can also be used to generate results by entering test data into the system that is to be tested, then comparing or analyzing the given details. This type of testing is very different from manual testing, which needs a person to sit in front of their computer so they can manually execute the required steps for testing. The Returns On Investment (ROI) of automated testing has greatly improved over time despite the fact that it costs more than manual testing. Once you execute the testing steps via automation, you will not need to manually perform any task which frees you to handle other rewarding tasks. When you have your automated test in...

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