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What is test automation?

It’s a method where an automated software testing is used as an alternative method for manual testing. Software tools and not human testers are the ones that execute the pre-scripted test on a software application prior to its release.

Why do I need to consider using test automation?

For business owners, it’s very important to test their systems quickly, but thoroughly to ensure that it’s not experiencing any issues that could affect the business. Unfortunately, manually operated regression testing takes a lot of time, and this influences the organizations to eliminate testing. Aside from that, manual testing can also contribute to expensive delays and system issues that would impact the final result.

I'm already having a difficult time handling my testers, won't test automation be more work?

If executed the right way, automation can be a great way to moderate the testing effort. Wherein, the development of self-regulating tests should be a smooth, natural enhancement from manual testing. Also, test automation would allow the company to save more time and cut the costs. Lesser effort is needed to carry out these tests.

Despite the fact that test automation cannot completely take the place of manual testing, and the latter is still more affordable, if done accordingly, the results of using test automation are definitely worth the investment. The testers would be spending less time performing regression tests, and there would be lesser production problems in the future.

Why is that an automation architecture is efficient and maintainable?

The more you reuse a test automation, the lesser artifacts should be designed and managed, because data-driven and keyword architectures actually offer some degree of reuse.

A reliable test automation framework combines the best of data-driven and keyword architecture into an object-driven approach. Also, through enabling a full reuse through the management of test data in a central respiratory, as well as delaying the binding of data to test until execution time would ensure that lesser problems would be experienced later on.

What type of tools are needed for automate testing?

Fortunately, there are a lot of test automation tools available on the market. However, in order to ensure that the tool you are going to use would meet your needs, it’s very important to evaluate your requirements first before buying any tools.

Tool expertise is usually costly and high in demand, but with a functional automation approach, it’s possible to distinguish the tasks that require focus from the tasks that call for tool expertise. Through this, subject matter professionals would be supported by tool experts without the need for the tool experts to gain the subject matter expertise that is often needed to carry out the task.

The automation architecture integrated into a test automation would also separate the activities that require subject matter expertise from activities that only need the tool expertise. This is why using a test automation tool is more practical.

Why is that a lot of organizations aren't familiar with the benefits that can be enjoyed from using test automation?

One word to answer that question– MAINTAINABILITY. These organizations aren’t aware that improved reusability, together with an efficient process is one of the best ways to reduce maintenance costs while enabling the automation to stay viable. Furthermore, automation works best when the testing process is properly designed, because the manual tests can easily be automated.

Efficient automation architectures focus on reusability. It’s a way to lessen the need for testing artifacts to be maintained once the system is changed.

Through the help of a test automation program, the user would see how manual tests should be designed for it to be reusable and easily automated. An automation architecture is also made to minimize the effort needed to maintain testing artifacts of an organization.

When should I begin the automation process?

The automation process should be done at an early stage. There are a lot of ways that would allow the testers to communicate with developers with ease, and this would make the system easier to test and automation. Also, if human testing would be done properly, it will be more convenient to automate the manual test cases.

On the other hand, if test automation would be done later, the rewards are unlikely to materialize. That’s why a lot of experts advise the use of a test automation as early possible.

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