Benefits of Conducting Automated Mobile Site Tests

Recent times has seen a general increase in the uptake of mobile applications. More and more individuals have access to smartphones in so doing, have access to the millions and millions of applications that keep on being developed.

Mobile Browser Testing

In recent years, mobile has gained prominence over desktop. It is believed that by 2017, there will be about 4.77 billion mobile users in the world.

Anatomy of Mobile Automation

The developed products are always vigilantly tested by every software development professional in order to eliminate any chance of possible defect. In manual software testing, an adept human sits before a computer and strives hard to catch the shortcomings but they tend to reappear again and again. Even when the best procedures of manual testing are employed, the defects are very likely to be left behind. Therefore, to make this testing more effective and efficient, automated testing tools are being introduced. These innovative tools are capable of playing again all the predefined and pre-recorded actions. They will compare the results for expectations and reports and will notify the test engineer of the success or failure of their product. What is a mobile app tester? Mobile apps have bec...

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