How A Mobile Test Site Can Help You Save Money And Time On Mobile App Testing

Your mobile app testing procedures will play the greatest role in determining the overall quality and usability of your application. While there are countless options in manual testing, the absolute best resource to use is a mobile test site. Platforms like these are faster, far more efficient and infinitely more cost-effective. More importantly, they can test more scenarios in a shorter period of time, which makes it easier to identify and resolve problems before app users do. App designers with the largest customer bases and the most positive reviews almost always use cloud-based mobile app testing in lieu of other testing methods. Why A Mobile App Test Site Works So Well Testing a mobile application is a complex, time-consuming and incredibly costly endeavor, especially when the wrong t...

What Makes Mobile App Performance Testing So Important?

The number of apps that are available to Apple and Android users is well over a million. So what makes people choose an app and stick with it? The app’s performance levels. This means an app that is functional, runs flawlessly on any device and solves the user’s problem in the best way possible. Given that mobile devices are growing in diversity and form, app developers are faced with the challenge of ensuring that their products can suit users on tablets, phablets or smartphones. To this effect, we can confidently say that mobile app performance testing has never been more important. But what does performance testing entail? What do we test for and to what end? We have broken the testing plan into three major categories. Usability , functionality and crowd testing. Usability. ...

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