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Benefits of Conducting Automated Mobile Site Tests

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Recent times has seen a general increase in the uptake of mobile applications. More and more individuals have access to smartphones in so doing, have access to the millions and millions of applications that keep on being developed. Although applications have generally made many spheres of our daily lives generally easier, they have proven to somewhat of a headache to developers. With many smartphone devices out there, developers are finding it very tasking to manually test out their application across various devices to make sure that their applications, websites or mobile sites run seamlessly across all devices. Manual application and mobile site testing can be quite discouraging in terms of the work load that is available, not forgetting that on most occasions, the process is prone to a lot of human error.

Testing automation software’s and websites therefore offer a welcome respite to developers who are tired of manual testing. Testing automation is especially important for developers who want to conduct a mobile site test because the site might be rendered differently across different devices and across different browsers. Below are the benefits any developer will get from conducting an automated mobile site test using either a software or a site test automation website.

Simultaneous testing on multiple devices

Automated mobile site testing allows a developer to carry out multiple device testing all at the same time. Manual testing requires one has to carry out single device testing one after another, and in a case where there are hundreds of devices to be tested out on, this can be physical tasking job not to mention time consuming. With automated mobile site testing, one can use one script to conduct the same tests over multiple devices. Detailed reports are generated in a lesser amount of time with the same parameters across all devices because the same scripts are used across all devices.


Automated testing makes sure that consistency is maintained across all tests. The same consistency may however not be possible were manual testing to be used because people are prone to small margins of error. Automated testing negates these instances of error. Consistency is also maintained in regression testing whereby a product is tested whether it will still be viable when new versions of a software are released. It helps a developer know whether certain pre-existing functions are suitable for new versions of a software. This sort of consistency provides much needed reliability for testing protocols.

Upgrading and re usability

One of the most important reasons for automated software testing is that the software and scripts used to test are re-usable. This means that once certain scripts have been run, they can be re-run on a different program provided they are testing the same thing. His means that testing software and websites are very economical and by far justify the prices at which they go for. The fact that the tests are constantly re-used means that they can be upgraded from time to time to make sure that they are in line with the current software development trends. This makes sure that the software testing process keeps on getting better and better.

Fewer human resources needed

Conducting an automated mobile site test reduces the number of human resources that are needed to run tests across hundreds of devices of browsers. Unlike manual testing which required that multiple individuals had to perform boring tests over and over again across multiple devices, the only person needed to conduct an automated test is the testing engineer who is responsible for writing the test scripts. Once the test scripts are written, they can be run across thousands of devices without the need for any additional human capital.

Early detection of bugs

Automated tests can be run at any point of a software development process and does not require any supervision for it to be done. This means that tests can be run early in the software development process. Because the software does not need any supervision, one can leave the tests running and concentrate on other activities. This saves time. The fact that the test can be run even during the early software development period means that bugs can be detected early enough and corrected before they become too much of a headache. This saves on a lot of time that would have been spent debugging at a later stage of development.


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