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Mobile App Testing Tools To Get You Started

mobile app testing tools

Even a simple mobile app can perform greatly and attract user attention if it offers optimal functionality. It is a proven fact that users abandon even the most promising apps if they don’t function well. In such a scenario, mobile testing gains a pivotal role in ensuring the success of an app. While many mobile app companies are still using manual testing to study the utility and usability aspects of an app, the top-performing apps are those that have made a switch from manual testing to automation.
Mobile automation is easier and more effective than manual testing
Mobile automation is essentially the process by which companies replace manual testing with automated software testing. In case of mobile automation, testing software run pre-scripted tests on mobile applications to test their functionality and usability. There is no dearth of mobile app testing tools in the market right now. Not only do these tools run tests on mobile apps, they also give out detailed reports on outcomes and results. What’s more amazing is that mobile app testing tools allow businesses to run tests while the application is still being developed. This way, business owners can find flaws in their apps before their customers do and hence, ensure an amazing app- user experience. One must keep in mind that mobile app testing tools must be customized before they can be used to their full potential.

Mobile Automation can save you a lot of money.
Entrepreneurs are favouring mobile automation because not only do mobile app testing tools offer concrete results, they do so while saving time and money. They make testing effective and quick. Since humans are prone to errors, manual testing can not always be relied upon completely. Not just that, manual testing takes days and weeks. This hampers the process of app development as well as its release. Mobile app testing tools can do away with the repetitive task of testing, thereby allowing companies to use the human labour for more important purposes. However, mobile automation has not reached a stage where it can completely do away with the need for manual testing. Even those companies that are using mobile testing apps use manual testing during the initial and post-release phase of an app’s life cycle.

How to choose a mobile app testing tool? 

There are many mobile app testing tools available in the market right now. In such a case, business owners may find it difficult to zero on a single option. While finalizing a mobile app testing tool, business owners should take these factors into account.

  1. Test Automation Framework: To enhance your testing and get the best out of a mobile app testing tool, choose a mobile app testing tool that is easy to integrate and offers cross-platform testing.
  2. Test coverage: The best mobile app testing tools are those that allow users to run a variety of tests. A good mobile app testing tool will not only run descriptive and long tests, it will also test various other features of an app like file content, memory content, internal program states, etc.
  3. Cost: One of the most important function of mobile automation is to allow businesses to reduce their overall costs. Therefore, business owners must choose tools that offer effective results without being too expensive.

To sum up this article, we have created a list of 5 mobile app testing tools that business owners can use to run tests effectively.

  1. Monkey Runner is one of the best mobile app testing tools for android devices. Monkey Runner requires that the tests be written in Python. One of its disadvantages is that while using monkey runner, app developers will have to get scripts written for each device differently.
  2. If you are running a big project, you can try TestFairy. Its best feature is that it allows client-side video recording which allows app developers to better judge the functionality and user experience of their app.
  3. Google Play Native Beta Testing App offers some amazing features like email notifications and alerts, deep linking, optimization tips, revenue reports, etc.
  4. App developers can use iOS UI Automation to run tests on iOS apps. This program will use scripts written by app developers to provide effective results.
  5. Owned by Microsoft now, Hockey App is fast becoming a popular name. This tool offers important features like cross-platform distribution, crash reports and analysis, hardware and user reports, and much more.

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