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Anatomy of Mobile Automation

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The developed products are always vigilantly tested by every software development professional in order to eliminate any chance of possible defect. In manual software testing, an adept human sits before a computer and strives hard to catch the shortcomings but they tend to reappear again and again. Even when the best procedures of manual testing are employed, the defects are very likely to be left behind. Therefore, to make this testing more effective and efficient, automated testing tools are being introduced. These innovative tools are capable of playing again all the predefined and pre-recorded actions. They will compare the results for expectations and reports and will notify the test engineer of the success or failure of their product.

What is a mobile app tester?
Mobile apps have become extremely popular among masses which can be easily downloaded from an app store. They maximize the experience of users by boosting the functioning of their device and operating system because they make specific operations more practicable for which they are developed. So, when on the one hand, these applications are providing rich experience to the consumer, they are also adding to the complexities of app testing engineers on the other.

Testing of an app includes various things like if the app downloads and executes on the device successfully and also if it efficiently interacts with the infrastructure or not. In fact, mobile development is one of the major fields of software engineering which has the highest possibility of potential hazards. To overcome these challenges, automated mobile app tester tools are designed. We all know, if the mobile user finds even a single bug with your app, he will immediately delete it and all your time and effort in developing the app would go in vain.

These apps will benefit you in load testing and performance monitoring. This is so far the safest method for ensuring that your app has no drawbacks and that the latest updates will not break your app.

Importance of Mobile Testing:
The users of the mobile applications do not like to fuss over getting repairs for slow or faulty applications. Instead, they find it easier to delete a faulty app and replace it with a better application. Therefore, testing of the developed software for assuring its high quality is a must. When mobile testing is being carried out by professionals, it becomes extremely crucial to pre-consider various events like its installation and execution. Innumerable devices with different operating systems could access your app or website and thus all of them should be taken into account while testing your mobile applications.

When your app is effectively tested for all its aspects, the users will download it and use it for a long time.

Choose a Perfect Mobile Testing Technique:
Mobile testing through mobile app tester is not a matter of choosing one or the other tool because it is very likely that you will need a great combination of several techniques or tools for accurate results. This is the only way to achieve you quality requirements. Basically, the below-mentioned points will help you to narrow down your choices:

· Take all the possible advantages of the device emulator. A bulk of your testing will become cost-effective and efficient when using emulated devices.
· While making an investment, make sure to invest in a real device cloud. It will save you from the situations where you have a remote live network but the required device will not be with you.
· Automate the program wherever possible.

These recommendations should be kept in mind when you are choosing a mobile app tester for you. Whether you are buying only one tool or combining it with other practicable tools, these considerations will assist you in making a wise choice.

Automated software testing is one of the best solutions considered by big software development organizations. It is quite expensive and difficult to implement for companies that run on smaller scale. But there are various tools being introduced for single developer shops too, where they can use these powerful tools at an affordable price. Automated testing is the best way to prevent any creep or fault from reappearing again in the app which you have developed. Whether you are testing native or hybrid mobile web applications, this mobile automation will help you outstandingly.

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