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How A Mobile Test Site Can Help You Save Money And Time On Mobile App Testing

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Your mobile app testing procedures will play the greatest role in determining the overall quality and usability of your application. While there are countless options in manual testing, the absolute best resource to use is a mobile test site. Platforms like these are faster, far more efficient and infinitely more cost-effective. More importantly, they can test more scenarios in a shorter period of time, which makes it easier to identify and resolve problems before app users do. App designers with the largest customer bases and the most positive reviews almost always use cloud-based mobile app testing in lieu of other testing methods.

Why A Mobile App Test Site Works So Well

Testing a mobile application is a complex, time-consuming and incredibly costly endeavor, especially when the wrong tools are used. Given the need for numerous application updates, many designers discover to their chagrin that there is no such thing as a limited testing period. App need to be continuously tested for performance and the only way to do this without dragging an excessive amount of manpower and money from all areas of your business is to make this process an automated one. With automated mobile app testing, testing can occur even as other applications are being designed and developed or other critical tasks are being performed.

It is also important to consider the greatest challenge in mobile app testing, which happens to be the expansive array of devices and operating systems that mobile apps need to be tested for. Designers will have to account for no fewer than 20,000 different device types along with as many 27 varieties of operating systems. These numbers are mind-boggling given that they reveal the need for test coverage that encompasses as many as half a million test scenarios. With this in mind, it is easy to see that there is simply no way to get the job done right and withing a reasonable amount of time without the use of automation.

A Mobile Test Site Allows For Continuous Integration And Agile Development

Not only can a mobile test site expedite these efforts and significantly reduce their overall costs, but it can also allow for agile development. As you start integrating, upgrading and expanding your apps, you will have to find an affordable and timely way to perform additional testing. In fact, each time new code is added to your app, regardless of how nominal and insignificant it might seem, you will have to again test for no fewer than 20,000 devices and 27 operating platforms. You also have to account for the fact that these numbers are always changing. Just as new codes can be added, new mobile devices can be introduced to the market and changes and upgrades can be made to operating systems. Agile app developers have similar concerns given that many parts of the design process are spread across multiple professionals. With a test site, agile developers can check for bugs and other problems all throughout every phase of the design process so that the final product is high in quality and problem-free. Ultimately, a mobile app makes staying on top of this part of the mobile app design process a seamless, easy and entirely stress-free process.

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